Unconditional Love Deserves Unconditional Care


Welcome to Dog Heart Grooming 

Dog Heart Grooming is a luxury mobile pet spa that services your furry family right in your driveway! We are Professional Pet Care Solutionists that specialize in educating and healing the whole family through our unique pet care services. Our main focus is continual care-based grooming where we maintain and grow relationships with your pets all year round on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. This allows for improved quality and longevity of your pets life and greatly reduces the stress commonly associated with the grooming process.


“We put quality love and care in every hair!”

Tired of loading the dogs up in the car and hauling them off to the groomer for a 15 minute nail service? Do you catch yourself looking at your pets nails and see they need doing but you are too busy to make the trip to the salon?


Nails are of utmost importance for pet health. Its recommended by groomers and vets across the nation to have your dogs nails filed short and smooth on a monthly basis. We make it easy to keep your dog walking pain free and happy. Call to schedule your mobile pawdicure today!

The Thera-Clean therapy bath is a specialized service for pets with many different kinds of skin conditions, allergies, dry skin and so much more. Though its great for healthy dogs too! The system deep cleans both the hair and skin of your pet, using nothing but micro bubbles and an added all natural plant enzyme that helps loosen dirt, debris, allergens and bacteria from your dog. 

Thera-Clean baths reduce odor, reduce itching, ensure no additional skin irritation, and improves results of other skin conditions as well.


Call us to see how this service can help your pet today! Clean healthy skin doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment!

Currently only available at our In-store salon. Mobile Theracleaning coming soon!

Jonestown Pet Stylist Select & Thera-Clean

 We offer grooming booths to stylists who want to be their own boss. They rent out one of our fancy grooming rooms and provide their own type of grooming style. They are not affiliated with Dog Heart Grooming but have signed a moral code of conduct and have undergone interviews and testing to ensure your pet is safe and secure during their stay at our in-store facility. We currently have two fabulous stylists available looking to grow their clientele base by loving and caring for furry friends. To schedule an in-shop appointment go to our Jonestown Pet Stylist Select page by click the image on the right, then go to ONLINE BOOKING.